About Us

Atlas Group; The precious signature on peaceful safe and prestigious projects ...

Atlas Group was founded with the name of "Atlas Foreign Trade and Construction Ltd. Co." by Mehmet Ceylan and Adem Ceylan. In a short period of time it became the most important and the fastest growing construction company in Turkey. SEPAS-ATLAS, HEDEF BUILDING COMPANY, GEBZE GUZELLER ORGANIZED INDUSTRIAL ZONE, SKIN CONSTRUCTION INSPECTION, NUR STROY, HAK STROY GROUP, SEPAS-SECKIN and KAZTURK CONCRETE are all companies operating within the structure of ATLAS GROUP and these companies have carried out many construction projects in Turkey and in the world. 

Atlas Group benefits from 23 years of experience in developing aesthetics, strong and comfortable buildings with a dynamic team consisting of experienced and academic staff while concentrating on modern solutions which satisfy the needs and concerns of the sector. Atlas Group also maintains state of the art resources such as the equipment park created with the latest technology. Atlas Group optimizes life standards while offering trust and quality in Turkey and in many parts of the world with the ability to translate the sector needs into functional and aesthetically pleasing buildings such as business centres, villas, houses, holiday villages, industrial facilities and logistics warehouses. Atlas Group maintains high standards using the latest technology and takes pride in building high quality, safe and attractive projects while having social responsibility to be both good neighbours and an environmentally responsible company.  

Quality & Enviromental Policy

In the knowledge that our sector-specific position, to achieve according the conditions of present day's technology which are using and undertaking in our projects, 
Because of our facilities,without compromising that to be responsible for the laws & regulations,
To keep the customer satisfaction on the top level,
To achieve the assurance to the companies which are worked together to be know a big capital for us that is & build up more and more, 
Within the context of all facilities are recyling our waste,to decrease of the limited natural resourse ulitization,to safe the enviroment for harmful waste,not to be adverse effect alive life,to make provision for environment pollution, 
To effect a cure of lasting without compromising Quality & Environmental Management System standarts, 
This is our firm's Quality & Enviromental Policy.